Comparison of beauty


The last time I saw someone as beautiful and sexy as her was back in the 1980´s, when all the people around the world was mesmerized by women that had something special either in their appearance or in the attitude. Now day’s hot chicks project a different kind of look, escorts Bogota style, which is a bit different but at the same time equally as seductive.



Different angles of beautifulness

Beauty and sensuality in a women is a matter of perception. In some countries around the globe skinny women is considered sexy, but in other countries chubbier women are considered healthier and more prepared to have babies. So whatever the point of view, you have to always realize is a matter of cultural perception and collective agreement on what is considered to be beautiful or not.


Prepagos Bogota hoy



Paying for sex

There are quite a few books where the prostitutes have their life; There are less of their patrons, the Johns, and we have never seen this issue addressed from a comic book or graphic novel. Paying for it is the first time that a puter writes his memoirs in comic format. Its author is Chester Brown, a renowned Canadian artist that has not gone unnoticed with this work related to sexy nackte Frauen.

It is not a morbid or provocative book. The vignettes are sober, avoid close-ups and does not show the faces of women to preserve their identity. Chester Brown presents a deeply honest testimony of their experience of sex to pay for four years, between 1999 and 2003. In addition, you want to claim this practice as a sexual right to oppose the claim of States to regulate prostitution: “prostitution is not more than one way of linking. There is a legal or regulatory framework for linking without paying. Nothing happens during appointments upon payment that does not happen in the appointments without payment. From a legal perspective, they would have to be considered identical. Don’t need no legal or regulatory framework for linking pay”.

These words, sounding to manifest, do not part of cartoon, but a long Appendix of 50 pages with reflections and quotations from other authors that make this book also an essay. That is justified, if we take into account that, while he was writing his memoirs, in Canada it debated on the legalization or criminalization of prostitution. At that time, the outcall prostitution was legal, i.e. allowing sex workers work in the client’s home or in a hotel room; incall prostitution was illegal, they could not work in brothels or apartments rented for that. Public offerings were not allowed in order to discourage street prostitution.

In the cartoon, written in the style of a diary, Chester Brown tells us in detail how became a whoremonger and how longer it. One day his partner, Sook-Yin, tells him that he is falling for someone else. Chester doesn’t care, and proposes to Sook continue living together while she develops her relationship with his friend Justin. That move very fast: Justin goes to live with her in the same House in Chester. But he is not jealous, nor no longer want or enjoy the company of Sook. Thus has it their friends disbelievers Seth and Joe Matt, other recognized authors of comic. The counterpoint of the narration would certainly conversation with friends, who has everything he does, and those who question him hard, and furtive encounters with various prostitutes.

Sook and Justin relationship is strengthened, and Chester not envy them. On the contrary, his fights confirm you something that already had been intuiting: the unhappiness of the love of couple of romantic love. He prefers being alone and wanting, no possessiveness, to her friends. However, there is the problem of sex. Chester, which cannot resign from it, was not interested in the conquest. The only option are prostitutes, “pay for it”, even though he knows nothing of the affair and afraid that the police capture him. Carla will be the first, and Angelina, Anne, Susan, Jenna will follow you… Until the return to monogamy with Denise.

In his sexual journey, Brown discovers that there are many myths and prejudices about prostitution. There are prostitutes who enjoy their work and sexual slavery and abuse might be lower than for non-payment: the majority of men who pay for sex no women owners feel and well treated prostitutes. Veronica Monet a junge nackte Frau, sexual and exchica company activist, said about this Book: “While it was in favour of decriminalization of prostitution on national television during the last twenty years, had welcomed the Testament which makes Chester Brown of the human qualities that define the majority of the customers of prostitutes”.



Wear yellow

Cursed ringtone is one of the main trends of the spring-summer 2013. Although many people keep looking at it as bad luck color, yellow is full of positive meanings. It is the color of fashion that more optimism transmits all and well combined may reflect vitality, energy and fun. Another of the strong points of this fashion color is protruding tanning.


Many celebs have already pointed to yellow fashion in ropa Bogota linda and many designers have chosen this fashionable color for your new designs. Dior, DKNY and Gucci are some of them. DKNY prefer in most sport clothing, and Gucci bet on the yellow as a symbol of elegance and femininity. Dior gives a more casual touch and other designers such as Akris and Lanvin do not conceive this color of fashion without a good dress that sustain it. And is that yellow is presented in all its shades and shapes: pastel, metallic, lemon and, even, in mustard. So there is no excuse not to find the perfect yellow garment for you.

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